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Originally founded as PianoVision in 2016 and later rebranded as PlayPianoByLetters, this innovative piano learning system has now evolved into its current identity, PianoTab. This revolutionary method uses a color-coded, letter-based approach, transforming traditional sheet music into an intuitive format perfect for beginners and visual learners. With over 600+ songs and books and a library that grows frequently, PianoTab offers a fun and accessible way to master songs. Users can earn and purchase books/songs, sync their progress across devices, and access their music offline. Dive into the joy of learning how to play piano songs with PianoTab and experience music in a whole new way, whether you're preparing for a performance, picking up a new hobby, or simply looking to relax.


Explore an extensive collection of piano books tailored for all skill levels, ensuring a rich and varied learning experience.


Easily find your favorite songs and books with our powerful search feature, designed to connect you to the music you love.


Organize and access your personal collection of piano tabs effortlessly, keeping all your favorite tunes just a tap away.


Discover a growing library of over 600+ songs, updated daily, to keep your piano practice fresh and exciting.


Earn free songs and books by watching videos, making learning piano not only fun but also rewarding.


Create a free account to sync your progress across multiple devices, and enjoy seamless purchasing options with PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Credit/Debit cards, ensuring you can play and learn anytime, anywhere. .


Preview Samples

  • Easy-to-Follow Structure: Read the letters from top to bottom for a straightforward learning experience.
  • Starting Point Indicator: Begin at Middle C, highlighted in red or blue on the keyboard template, to clearly mark your starting note.
  • Rhythm Guidance: The rhythm count is conveniently located in the left column alongside each measure number to help you keep perfect timing.
  • Color-Coded Hands: Notes are color-coded in blue and red to indicate left and right hand placements, ensuring smooth coordination.
  • Intuitive Fingering: Fingering numbers are placed next to each note letter for easy reference, promoting proper technique.
  • Chord Indications: Dotted lines connect two or more notes that should be played together, simplifying chord recognition.
  • Sustained Notes: A bold blue or red vertical line under a note letter indicates a sustained count, making it easy to maintain note durations.

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Unlock the joy of piano playing with PianoTab! Download our app to access over 600+ songs and books, all available through our innovative color-coded, letter-based system. Perfect for beginners and experienced pianists alike, PianoTab makes learning and playing your favorite tunes easy and fun. Join our growing community and transform your piano experience today!

Discover a whole new way to learn and play piano with PianoTab! Our app offers a vast library of over 600+ songs and books, featuring everything from classical masterpieces to contemporary hits. With our unique color-coded and letter-based system, PianoTab makes it easy and fun for beginners and experienced players alike to master their favorite tunes. Access digital PDFs, preview and listen to songs, and sync your library across multiple devices. Join our growing community and transform your piano playing experience today!


Discovery Your Library

  • Effortless Organization: Keep your piano tabs neatly organized for easy access.
  • Sync Across Devices: Sync your Library across multiple devices for seamless access.
  • Favorites: Quickly access your favorite songs by adding them to your Favorites.
  • Lifetime Ownership: Own tabs for life and access them anytime, anywhere on any device with the app.
  • Comprehensive Management: Easily track and play your purchased songs.
  • Enhanced Learning: Enjoy a seamless and user-friendly way to manage your musical journey.

Earn Rewards

You earn rewards by engaging with the app

  • Earn points: Collect points by watching videos and exploring new songs.
  • Purchase & Earn: Purchase a song and earn points equivalent to the required tokens for the purchased item(s).
  • Unlock Content: Use your points to unlock additional songs and books from our growing library.
  • Flexible Options: Enjoy various ways to earn and redeem rewards, making your piano learning experience even more enjoyable.
  • Engage More, Earn More: The more you engage with PianoTab, the more rewards you can earn to enhance your musical journey.
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PianoTab is here to make piano learning even more enjoyable. Download our app now on Google Play and the Apple App Store. With PianoTab, you'll have access to a vast library of songs and books, innovative color-coded tabs, and an engaging learning journey. Get ready to transform your piano playing experience!

Earning Or Buying Tabs

  • Earn Points: Collect points effortlessly by watching videos and exploring new songs.
  • Purchase Flexibly: Buy your favorite tabs using PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or debit cards.
  • Unlock More Content: Use your points or purchases to unlock additional songs and books from our ever-growing library.
  • Engage and Reward: The more you engage with PianoTab, the more rewards you earn to enhance your musical journey.
  • Endless Learning: Enjoy a continuous stream of new tabs and books added regularly to keep your practice fresh and exciting.
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